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Visual Planner Digital Platform

Visual Planner encompasses in one system all elements of the IPSPEC maintenance work execution cycle and empowers organizations to execute the right maintenance at the right moment, to maximize asset reliability, boost craft productivity and lower maintenance costs.


Of all the IPSPEC steps, Scheduling provides the highest and quickest impact. The “Biggest Bang for the Buck!”.

The Work Week Management Process with a multi-week rolling schedule is the most efficient maintenance scheduling methodology.

Work Week Management Process

Visual Planner is designed from the ground up to support the multi-week rolling schedule.

It provides controls on multi-week schedules that neither project scheduling software, nor scheduling spreadsheets can achieve, since they have never been designed to manage the multi-week scheduling process.

Visual planner provides a single source of truth by eliminating the numerous side systems and spreadsheets often used to manage all the information required to execute an efficient IPSPEC cycle. It is a single communication platform that promotes teamwork between maintenance and production. Visual Planner maximizes the productivity and efficiency of everybody involved in the IPSPEC cycle.

Visual Planner digital platform consists of graphical applications offering a unique calendar approach, specifically designed to put in place the most efficient maintenance scheduling process, from long-term capacity planning to short term scheduling and daily work execution.

Long term to short term maintenance planning and scheduling

The maintenance Planners/Schedulers, can plan and manage the multi-week schedule in minimum time. Visual Planner provides the highest visibility to approve and lock the optimal schedule for next week to prevent asset failures, control backlog and maximize crafts’ productivity.

Perform long-term capacity planning and workload leveling
Leverage intelligent auto-scheduling
Manage labour resource availability in seconds
Optimize graphically the multi-week schedule
Present concise visual information at maintenance/operations meetings to approve next week's schedule

Visual Planner provides visibility and clarity to efficiently prepare and lead the weekly maintenance scheduling meetings to obtain the interdepartmental consensus and commitment to the approved schedule.

Maintenance planning and Scheduling meeting

Visual Planner provides Supervisors with clear direction for integrating emergency work and overcoming the multitude of day-to-day challenges that often occurs, in order to closely adhere to the approved weekly schedule. Mobile Supervisor empowers supervisors to manage their crew and daily scheduling activities directly from the field. It enables them to maximize their efficiency and focus on what they are best at: Ensuring the work performed by their crew is done safely with the highest quality and efficiency. Discover More

Assign a full crew to a shift in seconds
Quickly visualize work progression and emergencies
Make daily schedule adjustments instantly
Monitor Schedule compliance rigorously
Maximize craft productivity

Visual Planner allows the craftspeople to visualize on their mobile device the information required to carry-out the maintenance work with highest efficiency, and accurately report the information on the work done. The Supervisors can review and validate on a graphical dashboard the work progression and the information reported on the work done in order to close the IPSPEC cycle.

Visual Planner Planning and Scheduling Software

State-of-the-art technical architecture

Visual Planner is integrated with SAP PM and IBM Maximo using the latest technical architecture. This approach allows Visual Planner to have the same look and feel as the host software, which leads to seamless and enthusiastic adoption by the users .

Single source of truth

The host system’s data is accessed and updated directly and instantly using the host’s standard architecture. It ensures the utmost data security in contrast with interfaced systems which often have latency, as well as security and data integrity issues.

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Visual Planner’s technical architecture ensures the lowest cost of ownership. There are no external systems to install and manage. This means your IT team will already be familiar with Visual Planner’s technology, without requiring additional training, thus eliminating the learning curve.

SAP App Store

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  • Visual Planner for SAP runs on the SAP Cloud platform and is available for SAP S/4HANA Cloud or on premises, as well as ECC versions.
  • Visual Planner is embedded in IBM Maximo and available for all Maximo 7.x version up to the current release.

An award-winning solution

Visual Planner received the first ever ISMLE award from IBM as the best add-on of all the IBM Tivoli suite softwares.

"Visual Planner is a great system

I really like the Visual Planner. It allows you to fully load schedules for the week and then easily see the priorities of individual work orders in a graphical manner. This graphical ability helps you manage the weekly schedule during the daily churn as the week unfolds. Fully loading schedules and monitoring schedule compliance is the key to high crew productivity."
Doc Palmer
Author of the Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Handbook