Visual Planner Suite

A comprehensive work week management solution for SAP PM/IBM Maximo that empowers your organization to execute routine maintenance work on time, boost craft productivity and lower maintenance costs.  

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The work week management process consists of a multi-week rolling schedule to ensure that the highest routine maintenance work priorities are being completed on time on a weekly basis.

It provides supervisors with clear direction for integrating emergency work and overcoming the multitude of day-to-day challenges that can occur, in order to closely adhere to the approved weekly schedule.

It promotes teamwork between maintenance and operations so they can work together to maximize equipment uptime and production output.


Visual Planner is designed from the ground up to support the multi-week scheduling process.

It provides controls on multi-week schedules that neither project scheduling software, nor scheduling spreadsheets can achieve, since they have never been designed to manage the multi-week scheduling process.

Visual Planner consists of four applications that offer a unique graphical calendar approach, specifically designed to support the multi-week scheduling process from long-term capacity planning to short term scheduling and work execution.

Visual PM, Visual Scheduler and Visual Roster allow schedulers to perform long-term planning, as well as visualize and select the work required to be completed each week to prevent equipment failures, and accurately set the resources required and available to execute the work.

Perform long-term capacity planning and workload leveling
Leverage intelligent auto-scheduling
Manage labour resource availability in seconds
Optimize graphically each week's schedule
Present concise visual information at maintenance/operations meetings to approve next week's schedule

Visual Assignment allows supervisors to overcome the multitude of daily challenges to completing jobs on time and achieve the highest level of schedule compliance. It allows them to minimize the time they spend on the computer and maximize the time they spend with their crew.

Assign a full crew to a shift in less than a minute
Quickly visualize work progression and emergencies
Make daily schedule adjustments in seconds
Maximize craft productivity

XPRess Work Reporting (XPR) is the quickest and most accurate way for craftspeople to enter time and technical information about work done. It also allows supervisors to quickly and easily review and validate the information entered.

Enter information on work completed in the quickest and most reliable manner
Reduce data entry mistakes
Review and validate the information entered in seconds
Minimize your maintenance costs
reduction in 4-6 months
Labour productivity
PM compliance
achieved in 2 months

State-of-the-art technical architecture

The Visual Planner app for maintenance scheduling has been embedded in SAP PM and IBM Maximo using the latest technical architecture. This approach allows Visual Planner to have the same look and feel as the host software, which leads to seamless and enthusiastic adoption by the users.

Visual Planner’s architecture provides a single point of truth by ensuring that the host system’s data is accessed and updated directly and instantly using the host’s standard architecture. It ensures the utmost data security, in contrast with interfaced systems, which often have latency and data integrity issues.

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This approach also ensures the lowest cost of ownership, as there are no external systems to install and manage. This means your IT team will already be familiar with Visual Planner’s technology, without requiring additional training on an external system.

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  • Visual Planner for SAP runs on the SAP Cloud platform and is available for SAP S/4HANA Cloud or on premises, as well as ECC versions.
  • Visual Planner for IBM Maximo is available for all versions of Maximo up to the current release.

An award-winning solution

Visual Planner received the first ever Integrated Service Management Library Excellence Award from IBM in 2011.

Today, Visual Planner is used by over 10,000 reliability professionals worldwide, providing outstanding value to organizations in all industrial sectors.

"Visual Planner is a great system

I really like the Visual Planner. It allows you to fully load schedules for the week and then easily see the priorities of individual work orders in a graphical manner. This graphical ability helps you manage the weekly schedule during the daily churn as the week unfolds. Fully loading schedules and monitoring schedule compliance is the key to high crew productivity."
Doc Palmer
Author of the Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Handbook